HMSA10046U MIN, Hadets anatomi: Filosofi, forbrydelse og følelse

Årgang 2013/2014
Engelsk titel

Anatomy of Hatred: Philosophy, Crime and Emotion

Udbydes efter BA tilvalg 2007-studieordning Studieordning for tilvalgsstudiet på BA-niveau i Minoritetsstudier 2007 eller KA tilvalg 2008-studieordning Studieordning for kandidattilvalg i Minoritetsstudier, 2008
In a world of conflict and violence, we often speak of hatred or related concepts such as antipathy and prejudice. In Europe, the American discourse of hate crime and hate speech is currently gaining significant ground among minority groups as well as police forces, transnational security organizations and human rights institutions. In studies of the mass violence, ‘hatred’ reoccurs in prominent titles, and in the context of post-conflict reconciliation, there is much talk of the ‘cycles of hatred’. In spite of the many references to hatred, and in spite of the intensity with which the significance of hatred is affirmed or denied, investigations of hatred are few and far between. So – what is this elusive ‘hatred’? How has it been conceptualized and represented historically? And how can we think more clearly about the relationship between hate and hate crime, hate speech, war, genocide and reconciliation? These are the main questions of this course.
BA tilvalg 2007-studieordning:
Særligt studeret emne A (fagelementkode HMSB10041E)
Særligt studeret emne B (fagelementkode HMSB10051E)

KA tilvalg 2008-studieordning:
Emnekursus A (fagelementkode HMSK03111E)
Emnekursus B (fagelementkode HMSK03121E)

Reader for sale in Studentercenteret. Syllabus on Absalon. The course literature combines philosophical classics with modern texts from a variety of discplinies (law, psychology, history, anthropology etc.).
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