HIØA00761U Southeast Asia in Context International Summer School (IARU)

Volume 2013/2014
Udbydes efter: BA 2010-studieordning Asienstudier med specialisering i de centrale fag Indologi, Japanstudier, Kinastudier, Koreastudier, Sydøstasienstudier og Tibetologi eller

BA tilvalg 2007-studieordning i Sydøstasienstudier eller

Studieordning for kandidatuddannelsen i Asienstudier 2008-ordningen
This is a course for those who want the unique opportunity of travelling to Southeast Asia for a hands-on learning experience. Your research skills will be developed to enable you to interact with people from all walks of life who have contributed towards the shaping of the region. From on-site lectures in Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia/ Indonesia, you will get to learn about the vast and fascinating history, culture and society of past and present Southeast Asia from a variety of inter-disciplinary perspectives. This programme is specially designed to provide students from Copenhagen, the National University of Singapore and Yale University with the opportunity to live, study and travel together, making it a valuable learning experience that extends far beyond normal classroom-related activities. The most outstanding feature of this programme is the blending of in-class lecture preparation with field-studies to different parts of Southeast Asia. For more information about the course, please see webpage or contact Charlott Hoffmann Jensen (charlott@hum.ku.dk)
Learning Outcome

BA 2010-studieordning:
Sydøstasiatisk realia 1 (fagelementkode Indonesisk HIØB00671E) (fagelementkode Thai HTHB00671E)
Sydøstasiatisk realia 2 (fagelementkode Indonesisk HIØB00741E) (fagelementkode Thai HTHB00741E)
Sydøstasiatisk realia 3 (fagelementkode Indonesisk HIØB00761E) (fagelementkode Thai HTHB00761E)

BA tilvalg 2008-ordning:
South East in Context grundfagsstuderende (fagelementkode HSØB10101E)
South East in Context andre studerende (fagelementkode HSØB10111E)

KA 2008-ordning:
Tværfagligt tema (fagelementkode Indonesisk HFKK00356E) (fagelementkode Thai HFKK00372E)

Preparatory course readings via Absalon. Summer School readings will be made available by the National University of Singapore.
Various types of continuous assessments will be administered in the preparatory course in Copenhagen and in the summer school in Singapore: essays, book reviews, active class participation, fieldtrip reports, group work etc. The programme concludes with an oral exam in Copenhagen. For more information, please see home page http:/​/​seasiaincontext.tors.ku.dk/​
Fieldwork, lectures and active class participation
This is an intensive course. The preparatory course in Copenhagen is obligatory for all students selected for the programme before they travel to Singapore to participate in the summer school. Deadline for application: late January. For application guidelines and form, please see homepage http:/​/​seasiaincontext.tors.ku.dk/​
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  • 412,5
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