HENK0361KU Engelsk - Frit emne/Tværfag: Screen Translation - The Scandinavian Way

Årgang 2013/2014
Engelsk titel

Free topic: HENK0361KU


Screen Translation – The Scandinavian Way

This course is aimed at international students who want to get acquainted with screen translation in general and Scandinavian subtitling standards in particular.

Not only will you be introduced to the linguistic, semiotic and technical aspects of audiovisual translation; you will also experience the practical side of this field – by writing, designing and cueing subtitles for selected foreign-language TV or film clips.

The course is taught as a combination of theoretical seminars – with video examples of more or less successful translations – and hands-on instruction in subtitling. This instruction will take place in our subtitling lab, using professional state-of-the-art equipment.

Although focusing on subtitling, we will also study other types of screen translation, including dubbing, voice-over and audio description. Theoretical sources will include English-language subtitling manuals and scholarly articles on the various types and aspects of screen translation.

For the exam project, students will subtitle a film or TV sequence and present a theoretical discussion of issues pertaining to that translation.

The language of instruction is English, but students may choose to work between any of the languages taught at the Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies or belonging to the Scandinavian language family.

This means that apart from English, students should master one or more of the following languages: Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, French, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese.

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7,5 ECTS