HENK03613U Engelsk - Frit emne: Rearranging Wor(l)ds: A Creative Writing Course

Årgang 2013/2014
Engelsk titel

Rearranging Wor(l)ds: A Creative Writing Course



From a word to a word to a world… If you are an aspiring writer, you have already experienced the astounding vigour of verbal creations. If you are new to writing creatively, you will soon discover how such word-crafting gives birth to texts and offers insights into their genesis. In this course you will experiment with fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry and literary translation. You will explore these genres by writing as well as reading: to understand strategies employed by other writers and to examine your own practices. You will produce new texts, redraft them, expand your range, discuss your own verbal choices and those of your colleagues. You will perform short in-class activities; you will also work on take-home assignments – they will contribute to your portfolio and help you decide which genre you want to pursue. Your final text will be accompanied by a reflective essay which should demonstrate your critical awareness of the chosen genre and of your verbal world. 

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7,5 ECTS