HENB00912U Academic English

Årgang 2013/2014
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Academic English


This course is intended for all international and ordinary Danish BA-students from across the University of Copenhagen.

On completion of this integrated skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) course in English for Academic Purposes, students should be able to comprehend and produce general and academic English approaching the C1-level as defined in the Common European Framework of Reference ( CEFR). Students will develop process writing skills and oral presentation skills, which will enable them to successfully negotiate their courses and exams in English-medium university level courses.

As a seminar style content course with interactive class discussions and peer revision for both oral and written activities, the course takes its point of departure in the needs of the individual students. Therefore, students are required to hand in written work representative of the subjects they study as well as written work in more general and academic English. Students are also expected to deliver academic presentations in their own field of study. Success on the course will require completion of some required reading, but students are also expected to draw on readings in their own disciplines to complete individual assignments.

Active participation is expected in the course, and students are expected to complete all written and oral assignments as well as sit for the exam. It is extremely important that the students attend the first two lessons in which important information about the content and structure of the course is covered. Basic concepts that are fundamental to academic English are also introduced.

Course responsible: Anne Sofie Jakobsen, cip@hum.ku.dk


Autumn 2013:


Group A: Tuesday and Thursday 10:00-12:00. Group A starts Thursday 12 September and ends in mid-December. No teaching in week 42. 
Teacher: Joyce Kling Soren.


Group B: Tuesday and Thursday 15:00-17:00. Group B starts 10 September and ends in mid-December. No teaching in week 42. 
Teacher: Sanne Larsen.


Group C: Monday and Wednesday 10:00-12:00. Group C starts 9 September and ends in mid-December. No teaching in week 42. 
Teacher: Sophie Swerts Knudsen.


Group D: Monday and Wednesday 15:00-17:00. Group D starts 9 September and ends in mid-December. No teaching in week 42. 
Teacher: Nina Rasmussen.

Class instruction
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The examination is graded according to the 7-point grading scale and the grade is based on an assessment of the student's written academic English skills as well as their oral academic English skills.
Kriterier for bedømmelse

Written academic English skills
are assessed through a portfolio of work which consists of several texts, glossaries and journal entries in the students’ own field of study, and the different drafts of the three exam essays which are handed in during the course. Note that the essay is considered failed if the deadline of the final draft is not respected. The assessment of the complete portfolio and the three essays are equivalent to 50% of the final exam grade.

Oral academic English skills
are assessed through A) a PowerPoint presentation in class and B) an oral exam presentation based on a previously unseen short reading text with preparation time. The examination takes 30 minutes including assessment (approximately 7-10 minutes for presentation, 7-10 minutes for subsequent discussion and question/answer session). Prior to the exam, the student will be given 30 minutes to prepare. Students will randomly receive a popular article from within their own discipline. The grades awarded for the oral skills count for 50% of the final exam grade.