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HMØK00147U  Empires, states, tribes. An Introduction to the history and peoples of Central Eurasia Volume 2017/2018

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Credit15 ECTS
Bachelor choice
Duration1 semester
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Study boardStudy Board of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies
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  • Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies
Course responsible
  • Ildiko Beller-Hann (6-7b7e767b7d81527a877f407d8740767d)
Ildiko Beller-Hann, bzx905@hum.ku.dk
Saved on the 03-03-2017

BA elective for Centralasian and  Afghanistan Studies, 2013 studieordning

Mellemøstens sprog og kulturer med specialisering i de centrale fag Arabisk,  Hebraisk, Persisk, Tyrkisk, 2015

Mellemøstens sprog og kulturer med specialisering i de centrale fag Arabisk, Assyriologi, Hebraisk, Nærorientalsk arkæologi, Persisk, Tyrkisk and Ægyptologi 2010

Kandidatuddannelsen i Mellemøstens sprog og samfund, 2008


In recent decades Central Asia has experienced a renaissance both in international politics and in academic discourse. Interest in the region is due to a number of factors, such as its geo-political position on the frontiers of great powers, its rich energy resources and the dominance of Islam. Historically speaking, this region was part of the legendary Silk Road, thus connecting East Asia with Europe, was scene of the emergence and demise of many great nomadic empires and it was also here where the famous power struggle of the colonial empires known as the Great Game unfolded in the 19th century. The course offers an introduction to this vast region which, in addition to the independent Republics which emerged in the wake of the demise of the Soviet Union, culturally also includes neighbouring territories, such as the vast area of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China. The course offers a general overview of the complex history of the region from the earliest times to the present day, focusing on changing patterns of social organization ranging from nomadic tribal organization to the emergence and demise of empires and states.

Learning Outcome

BA tilvalg-ordning 2013
Tematisk emne (fagelementkode HPEB10111E)
Analytisk emne (fagelementkode HPEB10121E)
Frit emne (fagelementkode HPEB10131E)

BA 2015-ordning
Udvalg tema om Tyrkiet og/eller den tyrkisk sprogede verden (fagelementkode HTRB00621E)

BA 2010-ordning
Udvalg tema om Tyrkiet og/eller den tyrkisk sprogede verden (fagelementkode HTRB01301E)

KA 2008-studieordning
Emnekursus B (fagelementkode HMØK03721E)


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Credit15 ECTS
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Total 412,5
Saved on the 03-03-2017