HENK00052U  English, 2013 curriculum - Free topic 22: Tangled Titans: EU-China-US Power Relations

Volume 2017/2018

This module looks into the paradigm shift in world politics as a new form of hyper-nationalism confronts globalism. The uni-polar moment of American superpower dominance is in relative decline as a diplomatic triangle of particular interests must try to adjust and to answer to the rising fears of terrorism, social media and internet actors, border security, economic restructuring, and military posturing among other issues.

Course Materials: This course rely on weekly internet connections to news sources, think tanks, blogs, etc. that will surface each week as the course progresses. The module will include two of the most current textbooks, to be determined by availability no later than mid-December 2017.

Classes, with particular emphasis on reading primary and secondary texts, oral discussion and developing proficiency in English.
Tangled Titans: EU-China-US Relations will be taught in weeks 14-20, four hours/week.
7,5 ECTS
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