APSB05135U  Elective course - Intimate relationships

Volume 2017/2018

Intimate relationship is a ubiquitous phenomenon and is of great importance to human beings. In this course, we are going to talk about the following topics:

  • How to distinguish intimate relationships with other kind of relationships (e.g., friends, family);
  • How to measure intimate relationships and how to conduct studies in intimate relationships;
  • Influential theories (e.g., evolutionary theory, attachment theory) in intimate relationships and how they guide research;
  • How attraction evolves and how people choose their partners;
  • Understanding the one’s emotions and behaviors within intimate relationships.


Overall, the course aims to provide some basic understanding about intimate relationships.


Learning Outcome

The goal of elective courses is an expansion or an additional perspective upon the psychological field. This is achieved through theoretical or empirical engagement in themes within or related to the psychological science. Elective courses can be taken in the Department of Psychology or in other departments.

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Written assignment, one week
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Final exam: Free written paper
The exam can only be taken individually. Length of the paper: max. 8 pages for 1 student.
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For all elective subjects, a minimum of 75% attendance is a prerequisites for submitting assignments. However, the teaching is based on full participation.

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